How to use Retrica App?

About the application

Retrica Android is an application that allows you to take pictures using various types of color filters. Thanks to special filters, photo taken with the program Retrica look more professional than, eg. Those made on Instagram. In addition, the application is available on all models with Android. Retrica for Android is primarily a camera designed for people who like to do fashion ” selfie ”.

In addition to the basic functions is available a large number of filters through which we can improve our image or give them a completely different look. An additional advantage is the possibility of trap collage in one of three formats picture. We can put some pictures in a square or rectangle. Same photo can also take a different shape. It is very convenient, because usually, to create a similar composition, we had to collect an additional application. The creators also took care of several variants of the self-timer and the ability to modify the time, we need between shots, if we do it bursts. There were also simple frames, blurs or vignettes. So we have a more comprehensive set of features essential to anyone who likes to take pictures of attractive and stand out in the services communities.

The Instagram and other similar applications, first do the usual picture, and then we put on them different filters. In the application Retrica operate exactly the opposite – the filter is applied to the camera lens, and the picture is taken immediately, the filter. Thanks to this already when taking a picture, we see how it will look like, and the filter immediately adjusts to the lighting and the conditions in which photography is performed.
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Retrica application for Android is easy to use. Mastering her actions do not cause anyone a problem. After launching the camera Retrica appears fairly simple interface. Down below, the virtual camera shutter, as well as all the options. The upper part of the toolbar offers a vignette, depth of field, as well as the function of collages.


An icon in the lower right corner allows you to select a filter – all the filters are pokategoryzowane in appropriate groups, and each group can find quite a few positions. A total of 80 filters are available that operate “live”, of which 25 of them are available only in the PRO version. It turns out, however, that the PRO version, for which he will pay slightly more than 6 gold, simply removes ads and provides us with a new batch of filters.

When you point the filter will be immediately applied to the preview, so you can easily see how it reacts to light and other elements. When you select a filter, we can also apply vignette blur and – they are also visible in the preview before taking the picture.

When you choose us interesting filters and effects, you simply touch your finger to the desired location on the screen to set the focus location. After that, as our camera załapie focus we can make a picture. Retrica capture the image and display it on the screen.

The image is automatically saved in the album “Retrica,” but we can also instantly share on various social media profiles.



Retrica The application also allows to create collages. If you want to create just such a collage, before touching the trigger the camera, tap the icon on the left side of the orange toolbar. Displays grid layouts on the basis of which we can create collages.


We can choose those in which all the images are the same size, or those where one is highlighted. After selecting the system simply tap a button image capture – Retrica perform several photos one after the other, and then work out of them selected collage.

When we use the application Retrica that each photograph is signed Retrica logo. Watermark we turn for free within the application. Just touch the icon with the gear and options, go to the “Watermark”.


If you want to completely disable the watermark, I just had the option to switch to the off position. You have to admit, however, that offered by Retricę watermarks have their own charm – the pool of available logos can choose one that actually worsen the climate of retro or vintage on our photographs.